Jameis Winston Lets Golfer Use His Head for a Tee!

Jameis Winston

Smash This Golf Ball Off My Head!!!

5/8/2019 11:52 AM PDT

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A driver was nearly imprinted into the back of Jameis Winston‘s head this week … ’cause the Tampa Bay Bucs star QB let a guy hit a golf ball off the top of his dome!!!

It all went down earlier this week at Derrick Brooks‘ annual celebrity golf tournament in Florida … when Jameis decided to be a prop for trick shot artist Trevor Consavage.

Jameis strapped on a helmet … put a ball and a tee on his head  — and let Trevor take a huge wack!!!

Luckily for Bruce Arians and the entire city of Tampa … the trick went off without a flaw — apparently, Consavage CRUSHED the shot!!!

But, seems not everyone’s entertained … Jameis — who’s found himself in trouble often over the last few years — has said repeatedly this offseason he’s going to work on making smarter decisions.

A golf ball off the top of the head doesn’t seem to fit that bill … but, hey, no harm, no foul, right???

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