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Harry who? Kendall Jenner FaceTimed with a mysterious ‘Harry’ in Kylie Jenner’s new vlog, and fans are arguing whether the face behind the screen was Harry Styles or Harry Hudson (or none of the above).

Amid all the expensive purses, business meetings and adorable Stormi Webster moments in Kylie Jenner’s new vlog on June 3, fans with scarily good hearing picked out one important second out of the nearly 20-minute video. At the 5:49 mark, Kendall is on a FaceTime call with someone. You can’t see who, but Kylie looks up and happily calls out, “Hiiii Harry!” Pandemonium soon ensued on Twitter.

Fans were convinced they heard Harry Styles’ voice — you know, the 25-year-old singer who was infamously photographed canoodling with Kendall in St. Barts in 2015! “So Kylie Jenner posted a vlog and you can hear kendall on facetime with harry in the back,” one such fan tweeted immediately after Kylie’s vlog went live. Others were quick to point out that Kylie and Kendall have a good friend who shares the same first name, singer Harry Hudson, 24. “She has another really close friend named Harry Hudson. It’s probably him because Kylie is close with him too,” a second fan pointed out, while another Twitter user was hoping for one answer: “in kylie jenner’s new vlog kendall was on ft and kylie goes hi harry!! F**K ME RIGHT TELL ME IT WASNT HARRY HUDSON AND ITJ WAS H.”

One fan didn’t know what to believe, referring back to the fact that Kendall and Harry celebrated at the same Met Gala after-party until sunrise on May 7! Acknowledging that Harry Hudson is among Kendall’s circle, the fan tweeted, “I know that but let’s not ignore the fact that after met harry and kendall hosted a party that lasted until 6 am and i also googled the guy and his voice doesn’t sound like the hello??? i don’t know i might be tripping.”

Whomever the mysterious “Harry” was, we know that Kendall and Harry were just friends after their friendly reunion at the 2019 Met Gala. “They are all really good friends and very cool with each other,” a source close to Harry EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They feel more like brother and sister and will be forever friends who will always be happy to see each other in the future.” Yes, even if Khloe Kardashian once assumed they were “dating” in Jan. 2016!

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