Mike Ditka Says Bears Are Better Than Rams, Chiefs & Pats, They’re Top 2 In NFL!

Mike Ditka

Bears Better Than Rams, Chiefs & Pats

… They’re Top 2 In NFL!

11/19/2018 10:38 AM PST


Forget the records … the Bears are better than the Rams, Chiefs AND Patriots — so says legendary coach Mike Ditka.

Of course, Mike’s biased … dude played for Chicago and then coached the Bears — but he tells TMZ Sports there’s MAYBE only one team in the league better than them right now.

“I look at this team and I look at the Saints, and these are the two best teams I’ve watched this year.”

That means Mike’s got the 7-3 Bears over the 9-1 Rams, the 9-1 Chiefs, the 7-3 Pats and even the 7-2-1 Steelers.

“People who say it’s fool’s gold, I mean, what’s it going to take?”

Now, Mike’s not going crazy with this squad … he still doesn’t believe the defense compares to the legendary one he coached back in ’85 — but he is saying they’ve got a real shot at a ring this season.

“Barring injuries, they certainly have the talent on that football team to go on to the Super Bowl and win it.”

Bears get a great shot to prove Ditka right in 3 weeks … Chicago hosts the Rams at Soldier Field on Dec. 9.

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